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For warranty service, you must contact the store where the product was purchased or a authorized service center. Together with the device, you must provide a cash receipt and device warranty card, or seller warranty card.

Authorized service center SC «ERC»

Ukraine, Kiev 04073

18A, Marka Vovchka Str.

Tel.: 0 800 300 345; (044) 230 34 84; 390 55 12

Mo-Fr: 9:00AM to 6:00PM

Sa-Su: day off

Violation of the warranty terms

Warranty service may be refused in case of failure to comply with the conditions of operation and storage, as well as failure of the owner’s fault, failures of the power grid, natural disasters and other force majeure circumstances. The warranty period is deducted from the time of purchase of the product.

Manufacturer’s defective pixels policy, “Monitors” category.

Number of defective pixels: Hot pixels – 2, Dead pixels – 5, Total amount of hot and dead pixels – 5, Adjacent pairs – 0.

∙ a defective pixel looks like a light (always on and lit in one color) or dark (always off and does not lit) dot
∙ an adjacent pair of defective pixels are two identical (two hot or two dead) defective pixels, which stand on the distance that is equal to or less than 6 mm
If your monitor has more defective pixels, you are entitled to a replacement of your LCD panel under the manufacturer’s warranty.