2E Lux Yellow cleaning kit — 100 ml liquid and 15 x 15 cm microfiber cloth 2E-SKTR100LYW

The kit is designed for delicate and safe cleaning of dirt, dust and grease stains from the screens of electronic devices — monitors, laptops, TVs and other equipment. The bottle is equipped with a dispenser, the liquid is free of alcohol and the microfiber cloth removes all traces and stains effectively.

2 599 грн*
* Рекомендована роздрібна ціна
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Type Cleaning kit
Type of cleaning agent Liquid
Purpose For monitors, TVs, laptops, smartphones, office equipment, etc.
Cleaning From dirt, dust and stains
Liquid volume, ml 100
Liquid composition Water 97-99.6%, sodium dehydroacetate 0.1-0.5%, surface-active emulsifiers 0.1-0.5%, active detergents 0.1-0.5%, polyhydrochloride 0.03-0.09%
Liquid tank color Yellow
Features Alcohol free
Complectation Liquid and microfiber cloth (15x15 cm)
Manufactured China
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