2E 2 in 1 Protective glass set for Samsung Galaxy A71, 2.5D, Clear 2E-G-A71-LT-CL-3IN1

Transparent tempered glass with a strength of 9H, full gluing on the display and rounded 2.5D edges. Oleophobic coating is easily cleaned from stains and fingerprints, and a thought-out design allows you to use glass with a case.

2 599 грн*
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Type 2.5D Full Glue Clear
Coating Oleophobic
Protection Strength of 9H, anti-scratch
Smartphone brand Samsung
Smartphone model Galaxy A71(A715)
Complectation 3xprotective glass, 3xmicrofiber cloth, 3xwet wipe, screen dusting sticker, 3xguide sticker, pipet with corrective glue gel
Manufactured China
Warranty 14 days
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