Useful gadgets for creating a comfortable workplace

A comfortable and functional workplace is the key to productive performance of routine daily tasks, no matter whether they refer to studying or work. While organizing your workplace, remember: pre-selected and thought-out technical moments and tiny details will save you a great bite of time in the future and will help you not to be distracted once again by searching for an urgently needed charger or headset.
PC monitor
Working with tables, listening to lectures, or doing homework will be easier and safer for your eyes if you choose the right monitor. In addition, the presence of a monitor stimulates you to work at your desk, and not lying in bed with a laptop, which already sets you up to a productive working process.
Computer accessories
An ergonomic mouse with additional function keys or a full-size keyboard with multimedia buttons will help you to cope with any task faster and better. USB-hub with additional ports will allow you to connect all requisite devices needed for modern laptops.
Making calls, holding business negotiations, listening to lectures - all this will be much more comfortable with headset, as it provides us with a certain freedom of movement. Especially if it is a wireless headset with a powerful battery that runs a long time.
Cleaning products
Not only hands should be kept clean and disinfected, but your technical equipment as well. It is recommended to disinfect your workplace daily, including a monitor with a screen. However, in order not to damage them, ensure you use special, safe cleaning agents for technical equipment.
Cords and Wires
The power cord, or rather several of them, is simply an irreplaceable and even vital thing on the desktop, because the phone always tends to discharge at the most crucial moment, when there is literally no time to look for charging.
Extension cord
If you need to create and equip an additional workplace, but there are no free sockets, an extension cord will help to deal with this problem. Moreover, an extension cord with a built-in USB-hub will additionally eliminate the necessity of an additional charger.

Work hard - play harder

But for doing so let's change our working peripheral armour to more suitable for the game process at first. It is not only about the gaming style of the devices, that will already inspire you to win, it’s more about the clarity of the transmission of commands and the speed of reaction and feedback.

Useful habits to improve productivity at home

A separately organized, detached workplace with all necessary equipment is one of the first points that will help you to set up to a productive working process. In addition, working at a desk while sitting upright on a chair will help you to minimize the risk of back and posture problems.
Daily planning
Create a daily routine that is as close as possible to what you had before. Start and finish your working day at the same time as when working in the office or studying at the university. But at the same time, do not neglect lunch, or a break to rest the eyes.
Family rules
Your family must know and respect your schedule. Let them know in advance about any video or audio meetings arranged. It is also a good idea to keep a small calendar on the fridge where you can mark important events of your work or school schedule.
Distance working or studying should not destroy your social relations. Create group chats where you can discuss both work moments and talk on various abstract topics. You can even take as a rule a kind of morning coffee ritual in audio or video calls format.
Morning rituals
Remember what your morning was like before. Breakfast at 7 or morning workout? Try to reproduce all your morning activities as accurate as possible, so they will help you set up to a working process.
It is important to observe the rules of personal safety during a pandemic, but you should not neglect walking-out in the fresh air. Get used to going for a short walk after the end of your working day. In addition to the benefits of fresh air, this will also be a kind of demarcation between working and leisure time.